O N E – ON – ONE

Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation we will discuss the following:

  • Where you’re at now
  • What your goals are – whether they be professional, work and business goals, or whether they are related to things you’re wanting to improve for your life,  or general things.
  • How we can work together to find ways for you to reach your goals.
  • How much work we might need to do together
  • How many sessions and how often
  • Where the sessions will be conducted
  • An overall plan


Sessions Themselves

Sessions will typically run between 50 minutes and 120 minutes. Location for sessions can vary based on what will work best for you.  We will sit or walk together in a place where you feel the most comfortable. It is necessary for the location to allow us to sit together quietly undisturbed for a mindfulness meditation practice and ideal to write things out with notes or a computer.

Location suggestions:

  • Your office
  • The beach
  • A near by park
  • A coffee shop
  • On a hiking trail


Session Fees

Fees vary. averages $115 per 60 minute consult