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You’re idea is going to be huge. if you could just skip the from now until then part.
You have a business idea and you’ve either already launched off the ground or you are in the planning stages. So much to do. Nothing else is on your mind. Out of your mind are relationships, fun, events, all the distractions of the busy city. On your mind is your business. “do I need a business plan?” “Do I need investors?” “how much do I need?” “Do I bring on partners?” Operational, administrative, branding, financial. you don’t sleep much these days. you eat, sleep, think, breathe your business venture. You feel like a superhuman, but eventually you do get overwhelmed.



You manage people. You have a heavy load on your shoulders. you manage many people. You feel underpaid, undervalued. overworked. you need more help but your boss can’t hire anyone. or you need more help and your budget won’t allow for another assistant. you’re constantly expected to do the impossible and somehow you always make it work. but not without 5 cups of coffee, many sighs, and a heightened heart beat. You have more deadlines than you have friends. You have to-dos you need to do yesterday, but the next day will generate ten more. You can’t remember the last time you got a massage. Your boss yelled at you today and your assistant is over-worked. the number of unread emails in your inbox and iphone brings on an unbelievable amount of stress because you truly have no idea when you will get to them. you heard yoga might be good for you but you have no time.


small business owners.

You want to help people through your passion.  You’ve discovered something you love that has helped you, brought you joy,  happiness, or great style and have decided to start a business to spread the love. You live in a community that supports small business owners and in a day and age when having a small business is easy to do. You use etsy, instagram, your own site, and word of mouth. you may have some of your products and services at various retail shops around town. Or you are trying to get there. you really don’t like doing business and really just want to spend your time making people happy with what you do or make.



You create because you have to. You’re an artist, photographer, musician, filmmaker, or all around creator. Your ideal life is doing what you love for a living, making things, selling those things and sustaining yourself through your art and work. Sometimes, however, that’s easier said than done. How do you make that happen? Do you tweet more, post more images on Instagram or make more appearances to things? It can be hard to navigate and cause a quite a bit of stress for the creative whose work is attached to their soul. It can stir up a bunch of unpleasant emotions about the self.